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Eclipse Roundup

last modified 2006-02-22 04:36 PM

The Eclipse IDE two years on

Eclipse is a useful and interesting integrated development environment platform. Eclipse was originally developed by IBM. Two years ago, IBM donated its investment in Eclipse to the community by making it FOSS and founding the Eclipse Consortium which now has 49 members.

The term platform means that Eclipse is essentially a set of tools and components that can be used to build IDEs. It is not a closed box. While originally written in and for Java, and most widely used as a Java IDE,Eclipse has been extended to support many languages, including C, C++, PHP, Python and others. Most recently a visual editor for GUI development has been added to Eclipse. Many FOSS projects as well as proprietary add-ons are being developed for Eclipse.

There are stories that Eclipse was named as an IBM dig at Sun. IBM always chafed at Sun's control over the Java platform, even though IBM has probably invested more than Sun in Java development. Recent rumors have Sun considering joining the Eclipse consortium. No doubt that would involve a name change! Wind River, another proprietary tools vendor in the embedded market, is also considering the switch.

A more detailed introduction to Eclipse may be found here. There is also a recent article on Eclipse from a Mac OS X perspective, which has some general comments on Eclipse as well.

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