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last modified 2006-02-22 03:49 PM

ReKall, a RAD tool for building database applications, is now released as GPL.

The Kompany is a kool organization that develops products based on KDE (one of the two main FOSS desktop environment's for GNU/Linux) and Trolltech's GUI development API, QT (QT is the foundation for KDE).

The Kompany sponsors several interesting FOSS projects and has FOSS versions of several of their products.

Today they announced the GPL release of ReKall, a RAD tool for building database applications, along the lines of Access. Just recently I was just looking for a FOSS tool like this. I don't remember the name of the very first RAD database application development tool, but dBase started a revolution in database application development. dBase made it extremely popular and of course Microsoft embraced, extended and then ruled the market with Access.

Although many people look down on these tools as database-lite, they serve an important function. In FourM terms, they allow the actual application user to prototype the application. If it is useful and important, it can serve as the use-case for the more robust, scalable full-service app. So these types of tools are a critical component for FourM development (if used properly of course). A good FOSS alternative has been sorely missing.

ReKall might actually serve as a good front-end development tool to robust database applications, since it hooks into RDBMS systems, and isn't just a database-lite backend (as dBase and Access are).

ReKall's community site for the product, will hopefully have more information soon.

In any case, I believe this is definitely worth checking out. I'll be downloading it myself. NB: ReKall scripting is done in Python, which is why it is part of this section.

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