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Microsoft dominance poses security risk

last modified 2006-02-22 03:47 PM

A new report by the Computer and Communications Industry Association gives an ecological argument against Microsoft and for FOSS.

CNET covers the story:

    The draft white paper argues that Microsoft's problems 
    in securing its products and the ubiquity of those 
    technologies result in a hazard for the U.S. economy 
    and industry, which increasingly relies on the 
    Internet and computers for critical functions..."The 
    focus on Microsoft is simply that the clear and 
    present danger can be ignored no longer."

As if purposefully timed to support these arguments, in today's headlines there is an article about how the the State Department's electronic system for checking every visa applicant for terrorist or criminal history failed worldwide for several hoursbecause of a computer virus. The scary part is the Department of Homeland Security wants to standardize on the Microsoft desktop.

The full report can be found here.

The CCIA website is also worth a visit.


Dan Geer, one of the researchers on the report was fired by his company @Stake, whose biggest customer is - Microsoft.

Follow-up to Follow-up:

Dan Geer comments on his firing, which he says took him completely by surprise.:

    Whether Microsoft had a hand in his demise 
    "will be forever impossible to ascertain," Geer 
    said. "One might say communication wasn't 
    necessary. There's a school of thought that 
    says that a phone call wasn't needed. The more 
    powerful you are, the less likely you are to 
    have to pick up the phone. At most, you could 
    call it plausible deniability."

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