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The Rise Of Linux

last modified 2006-02-22 03:47 PM

Linux is becoming the platform of choice in the VAR world.

According to this article in VARBusiness:

    If there's one trend that exemplifies the entire 
    state of the application-development world, it's  
    the transformation of Linux from a curiosity to a  
    core competency. And in the process, Linux has gone  
    from an open-systems destination to a solution  
    providers'competitive operating-system weapon of  
    choice with which to design, build and deploy 
    applications and solutions.

If you read the article you notice it mentions IBM several times. Not too long ago I attended a huge event sponsored by IBM at LinuxWorld in New York. Their VP giving the presentation to several thousand attendees, explicitely said that IBM is working very hard to encourage ISVs to port applications from Sun and Microsoft to Linux. On occassion, if there is a customer demand, IBM will even subsidize the cost of porting.

Microsoft's hold on the business world is tied to its dominance over ISVs. If current trends continue, in five years Linux will dominates the ISV/VAR market, just like Microsoft does today. The trend to web-based applications further erodes the importance of Windows on the desktop. Any web browser will do, and Mozilla will do better than Internet Explorer. Commodity boxes with a commodity web-enabled OS, is all business customers need.

What was new and interesting for me in the article, is the rise of Linux in the multimedia application world. That's a relatively new trend and bodes well for Linux dominance.

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