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Brazilian Federal Government takes one more step towards free software

last modified 2006-02-22 03:47 PM

FOSS makes headway overseas.

Many years ago (in the late 70s to be exact), I was working for a software company. One of my colleagues was a Brazilian man. One of the interesting things I learned from him is that Brazil had an extremely protectionist market, in order to help local industry develop and keep jobs local. At the time, at least, they required all computers be built in Brazil, which made personal computers very expensive (this was in the days where C/PM was the OS of choice).

In the eighties, neoliberal and "free-trade" policies tried to break down these protectionist walls. But the results were not positive for developing countries. They became more impoverished and dependent on US corporations. Now it seems, that many developing countries are learning that FOSS is a great way to develop the local software industry (and avoiding Microsoft = US hegemony) while still be inter-connected with the rest of the world, and at the leading edge of software technology.

It is not surprising then, that Brazil is in the forefront of this activity. This article is a translation from the Portugeuse original.

US local and state governemnts take note!

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