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FOSS Politics

FOSS is creating quite a bit of news and interest in the IT world. This section covers the "buzz" around FOSS.

Thought Thieves!

Microsoft is double-plus good!

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Linux, Inc.

An in-depth look at the growth of Linux as a major force in the IT industry.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Microsoft Windows: Insecure by Design Redux

DRM == Damn Resourceful Malware

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Gates: Restricting IP rights is tantamount to communism.

An interview to good to pass up.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Why Linux Is Wealthier Than Microsoft

The "economic" model of FOSS.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

IBM Presentation on GNU/Linux Desktop

IBM's Sam Docknevich, Linux and Grid Services Executive for IBM Global Services, presentation at the Desktop Linux Conference in Boston. It discusses IBM's push into the Linux desktop market, an initiative from inside "Big Blue.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

CUNY Open Source Initiative - FOSS and Python

Presentation given at the City University of New York (CUNY) on October 3, 2003

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Linux from the trenches

An interview with Tom Adelstein, Linux advocate in the government sector.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Confusing Words and Phrases that are Worth Avoiding

Richard Stallman discusses doublespeak in the software world.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Microsoft dominance poses security risk

A new report by the Computer and Communications Industry Association gives an ecological argument against Microsoft and for FOSS.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

More FOSS in Schools

Linux Access in State and Local Government, Part III, focusing on Linux in schools.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Freeing Computers in Schools

FOSS in the classroom.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Linux Access in State and Local Government, Part II

Software development issues in Texas State government - and why FOSS might be an answer.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

Feature: Whatever Will Be Will Be Free on the Internet

The intersection between Free Software, the Internet and copyright issues.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

The Rise Of Linux

Linux is becoming the platform of choice in the VAR world.

  • Published: 2006-02-22

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