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This site provides resources about the Mythical Man Month Method (FourM) of software development and issues related to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) development.

There are many sites that address FOSS. So why another one? One set of FOSS sites focuses on FOSS advocacy. Another set focuses on particular FOSS products or projects. This site does both and more through the perspective of FourM - The Mythical Man Month Method for software development.

For basic information about FourM, you can read this article. Because FourM is about software development, this site provides information on the growing world of FOSS development tools and middleware.You can find this information in the Field Guide section. These tools and development frameworks will have an even greater impact on the software industry, than the well-known FOSS products such as GNU/Linux or Apache.

Since most people in the IT world outside the FOSS community are not yet aware of these tools, this site serves as a useful resource for IT managers or developers who are looking for introductory information about FOSS products. For that reason we also cover infrastructure and desktop tools, although that is not our main focus.

For those who are already familiar with FOSS, this site provides information on how to apply FourM using FOSS tools. Specifically, the Python World section provides information about tools, tips and techniques about scripting which is the term I use for the iterative creation of applications using powerful RAD tools. The focus is on Python and frameworks and tools built on top of Python. I believe Python is the best platform for applying the ideas of FourM.

Of course I also have a great interest in how FOSS is impacting the IT industry, so from time to time I bring articles of interest on this subject in the Politics section.

The site author both develops and teaches courses in continuing education for IT professionals. This section contains information and materials on courses taught at NYSIA's T++ program. This section contains information and materials on courses taught at the City University of New York's School of Professional Studies.

This site is sponsored by Zoteca. a provider of open IT solutions. You can learn more about the site author here.

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